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General Liability

Offers coverage in case of bodily or advertising injury caused by your business operations or products

Why does your business need general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is crucial for your business because it provides financial protection in case your business is sued for third-party bodily injury, property damage, or advertising injury. It can help cover legal fees, settlements, and medical costs, minimizing the financial impact of potential lawsuits and protecting your business assets. Additionally, having insurance can enhance your credibility when dealing with clients, partners, and investors.

Let’s break down the basics of what General Liability Insurance policy provides.

Primary coverage:

General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects your business if you are sued by someone who claims that they were injured by a product your business is selling.

  1. General Liability can help pay for:
    • Legal fees
    • Settlement Payments to Injured Parties
    • Judgements associated with claims

Business Property Protection

Business property insurance helps safeguard your assets against risks like fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, ensuring financial assistance for repair or replacement when needed.

  1. BPP can help pay for:
    • Damage to physical structure of your business premises
    • Coverage for business equipment, inventory, furniture, and other tangible assets within the insured property.

Protecting you in the event...

Customer Injury

If a client or visitor slips and falls on your business premises, sustaining injuries, your general liability insurance could cover their medical expenses and any legal claims arising from the incident.

Product Malfunction

Your company unintentionally uses content that infringes on another company's copyright in your advertising. If the affected party sues for damages, your general liability insurance may cover the legal costs and potential settlements associated with the copyright infringement claim.

You have questions,
we have answers.

How much will it cost?

Our General Liability policies start at as little as $20/month.

How quickly can I get covered?

Depending on your business, we can provide some General Liability policies same day, but sometimes this process can take 2-3 days for us to find you the best solution.

When should I get General Liability insurance?

It's a good idea to consider General Liability insurance when you're just starting your business, even before you officially launch. This way, you're protected from potential liabilities from day one.

How do I submit a claim?

We have customer support with licensed brokers who are ready to assist. Please email us at [email protected] to submit your claim.


How else can we support your business?

Immediate Coverage:

We provide quotes in as little as 30 seconds and coverage in minutes—a new standard for the industry.

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Additional Coverage:

We’ll work with you to provide the tailored policies your business needs to stay safe.

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